Kotahi Miriona
1Miriona Tīhau

#1Miriona Tweets

To celebrate the start of Mahuru Māori, Te Māngai Pāho is issuing a wero (challenge) to all New Zealanders: help us post one million tweets (tīhau) in te Reo Māori!

The #1Miriona Tweets is being launched with support from Iwi Radio, Māori Television and Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Māori, and open to everyone.

Every New Zealander with a Twitter account can participate: all it takes is using Reo in their tweets and adopting our hashtags so we can track it.

The hashtags #MahuruMaori, #1MirionaTihau and #1MirionaTweets will be used to mark participants’ tweets.

To help promote conversation, Te Māngai Pāho​ will release topics on their platform every day during the month, which New Zealanders can weave into their content.

E ora ai te reo whiua ki te ao!